We have teamed up with Stripe to offer your customers another way to pay.

You can easily start accepting card payments, just enable it in your profile, sign up to Stripe and within minutes you can add alternative ways of getting paid.

All major credit cards are accepted including Apple pay and Google pay.

Go to 'Profile' > 'Payment methods' > switch on the toggle for 'Accept card payments'


As with all card payments, there are fees *

-For UK & European cards the fee is 1.4% + 20p per transaction

-For non-UK/European cards the fee is 2.9% + 20p per transaction

*we don't like fees and don't want you to pay them either. This is why we created the Osu instant account-to-account payment for you. Try encourage your clients to use it!

When will I receive my money after a card payment is processed?

Stripe will pay you between 2-7 days on day rolling basis. This means you will get paid from 2-7 business days after each transaction is made.

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