Create your own message or use our default SMS format which looks like this:

Alternatively, why not tailor your own message for your clients to receive?

This can be done in 3 simple clicks:

  1. Click on 'Profile' on the Menu bar at the bottom of the app screen

  2. Select 'Customise Messages'

  3. You can then enter the name you want the SMS to come from e.g. your own name or business name AND create a message to send in the body of the SMS. Click 'Save' and you are presented with a preview of your new SMS.

You also have the option to reset the message to our default text. Note that the message has a limit of 200 characters

If you have forgotten to customise your SMS and you are just about to send a payment request....DON'T PANIC - you can also edit the SMS just before you sent a payment request (as shown below)

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