Before you can send invoices to your customers, you will need to add a few personal touches.

Your business details

=> Go to 'Settings which takes you to edit your 'Profile' and click on the 'Invoicing' section.

=> Here you need to add your business details which will appear at the top of the invoice.

=> Add your business address and if applicable your company registration number and VAT registration number.

Your logo (optional)

=> Upload your logo or an image which represents your business to add the finishing touch to your invoices.

Get a preview of your invoice as a PDF or in web view.

You're then all set to start sending out invoices.

When you next make a payment request, you will have the option to send the invoice directly to your customer by email OR share as a PDF file via any means that your mobile device allows e.g. Whatsapp, SMS, Messenger etc.

Click on Invoice preview to see what your invoice will look like as a PDF or in Web view

Not yet set up invoicing, but want to send your customer an invoice?

No problem

Set up invoicing straight from the success page

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